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Ongoing Support

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  1. Unlimited messaging with doctors & care providers
  2. Adjustments to your Care Plan when needed
  3. Follow-up care on your schedule

Designed by Dermatologists

“I believe dermatology should be accessible, personalized, and genuinely supportive.”

Dr. Peter Young

Brand Medical Director

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Clinically proven treatments trusted for all skin types — even the most sensitive.

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Real people, real result

Stephanie M.

“I’m finally seeing clearer skin!”


I’ve been dealing with acne since I was a teenager. I’ve tried everything: harsh cleansers, pimple patches, zit creams…you name it, I’ve wasted money on it. Facet created a personalized plan just for my skin and now I’m finally getting the results I’ve been looking for!

Alex Z.

“Facet is always there when I need them.”


Whenever I have a question about my treatments or my psoriasis, Facet has always been super responsive. No question goes unanswered and I feel like they actually care about what I’m going through.

Lisa E.

“My treatment plan actually works.”


Facet really listened to my concerns and was able to customize a treatment plan just for me. After years of struggling with my skin, I’m finally happy to see things are clearing up!

Skin conditions can make you feel invisible. We see you.

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